Theist Helpline
Thursday, September 21, 2023
Your friendly-and-helpful hosts of the Theist Helpline are (in alphabetical order):

Amy Newman IX Jack Burton Jefferson Spatchcock J.L. Warren (Bridge The Divide) JMike King Xerxes Mobarak Abusharifah Peter DeTukker Randolf Richardson Taco Tom Jump (TJump)

Amy Newman Amy Newman, who is known for her trademark slogan "sending love," is a professional comedian and skeptic who hosts debates, interviews, and conversations on her YouTube channel.  She also creates educational and other important content.

IX IX is a Tom Unboxes subscriber and former Atheist Community of Discord Admin who enjoys long walks through evolutionary biology-inspired computer science, archaeological academic biblical criticism, etc.

Jack Burton Jack Burton (it's all in the reflexes) is a [self-described] middle-aged, college educated nobody who drives the Pork Chop Express truck in his spare time.  He's a deist and is mostly non-committal to philosophical stances.

Jefferson Spatchcock Jefferson Spatchcock is an atheist inquisitor and intellectual who has particular expertise in thoroughly analyzing and reviewing debates, often from the comfort of his genuine La-Z-Boy chair.

J.L. Warren (Bridge The Divide) J.L. Warren is an atheist activist, educator, and entertainer.  He runs the Bridge the Divide YouTube channel where he addresses irrational beliefs, the irrational behaviours that often follow, the societal divides they create, and how those divides can be bridged with education, rationality, and reason.

JMike JMike is one of the co-hosts of the Talk Heathen show.

King Xerxes KingXerxes is an atheist activist and political commentator who has extensive knowledge of the Holy Bible and Christianity, and the history surrounding it.

Mobarak Abusharifah Mobarak Abusharifah is an ex-Muslim who grew up in Saudi with Knowledge of Islam and world history.  He's also a co-host on Peter DeTukker's YouTube show.

Peter DeTukker Peter DeTukker is an atheist epistemologist from The Netherlands; inspired by Aron Ra, Seth Andrews, Anthony Magnabosco, and others.  He started a YouTube channel that mainly focuses on religion, but he also hosts shows on other topics, including interviews with other content creators and atheists he meets through social media.  The epistemological conversations with believers are loosely based on The Atheist Experience, with a slightly different approach -- the hosts engage with only one person per episode, and endeavor to be non-confrontational.  The goal of the channel is to help people evaluate the claims posited by their belief system:  "If we can't make our guests think, we hope we can at least make our viewers think."  The hosts on his channel encourage people to value truth, science, and reality.

What started out as a one-man channel, now includes several people who contribute to the shows.  Currently, Peter is the main host, and is joined by a rotating array of co-hosts, while others lend their talents behind the scenes.  Peter also handles the production of various other YouTube channels, including Aron Ra's, Jackson Wheat's, and Jefferson Spatchcock's, and generously contributes his professional artistic skills for free to atheists all around the world.

Randolf Richardson Randolf Richardson 張文道 is an atheist activist from British Columbia, Canada, who advocates for the equality and normalization of people who don't believe in deities, which entails advocating for fair justice, freedom, and critical thinking. He's also the founding President of the Canadian atheists, an national organization that promotes atheism and agnosticism as culturally-common aspects of Canadian society.

Taco Taco, the visionary organizer of the Theist Helpline, is a number 1 Discord debater who has never lost a Discord debate in his life.

Tom Jump (TJump) TJump (Tom Jump) is the founder of an atheist church called "The Church of The Best Possible World," which is based on his model of objective morality.  It has the goal of doing what Abrahamic churches should be doing but are not: helping people by providing affordable housing.

Amy Newman IX Jack Burton Jefferson Spatchcock J.L. Warren (Bridge The Divide) JMike King Xerxes Mobarak Abusharifah Peter DeTukker Randolf Richardson Taco Tom Jump (TJump)